Sverige fortsätter att hamna i topp bland världens länder vad gäller behandlingen av invandrare och minoriteter

Sverige fortsätter att hamna i topp och ligga etta i de index som mäter hur olika länder på jorden tar emot invandrare och behandlar invandrare och minoriteter med avseende på integrationspolitik, antidiskrimineringspolitik o s v.

2020 års Migrant Integration Policy Index (MIPEX) skriver bl a följande om Sverige:

“Nearly all non-EU immigrants are guaranteed in law and in practice the same rights as Swedish citizens in economic, social, family and democratic life. Residents in SE are most likely to reunite together and become permanent residents, voters and citizens. More people in Sweden are informed of their rights as potential victims of discrimination and using these rights to take the 1st steps to access justice. Sweden’s integration policies help to explain Sweden’s internationally high levels of public acceptance, awareness of discrimination and rights as well as high levels of immigrant political participation, naturalisation, life satisfaction, sense of belonging and trust.”

Och Commitment to Development Index (CDI) för 2020 skriver i sin tur följande om Sverige:

“It welcomes more migrants per head of population than any other CDI country (when weighted by migrants’ origin countries’ incomes) and is second only to Turkey in the number of refugees that it hosts—24.4 per 1,000 population, compared to a CDI average of 4.4. Sweden also demonstrates stronger policy efforts to integrate migrants into its economy and society than any other CDI country.”