Interviewed in Swedish Television on the historical Dutch government report on international adoption

I have been interviewed by Swedish Television about the historical Dutch government report that was officially released yesterday and I summarize the recommendations and results in three bullet points (original interview in Swedish:

1, All international adoptions have been stopped to the Netherlands at the moment due to the risk of further corrupt adoptions.

2, The Dutch state has apologized to the Netherland’s about 40,000 foreign-born adoptees for having allowed numerous corrupt adoptions.

3, The foreign-born adoptees in the Netherlands will from now on be able to report and possibly sue the adoption agencies and the Dutch state if they suspect that their adoptions were corrupt as the legal limitation period has been lifted.—-the-netherlands-stops-adoptions–.SkGfEMLyZu.html

”The Netherlands stops all international adoptions after a state investigation shows that children have been stolen or bought from their biological parents.

– This is a historical investigation, says Tobias Hübinette, associate professor at Karlstad University who has for long researched adoption.

The Dutch investigation is the result of heavy criticism from adoptees who discovered that their birth certificates and other documents were missing, false or that the adoption was illegal. The investigation has examined cases from the 1960s until the end of the 90s, reports Reuters.

Adoptions from Bangladesh, Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia and Sri Lanka were specifically looked at. In some difficult cases, it emerged that children were adopted through adoption agencies where they were stolen or bought under duress from their biological parents. The Dutch government has therefore decided to stop all foreign adoptions.

Despite some reforms, it is considered that transparency in the adoption process in some countries is not sufficient.

– I understand that this will be painful for some, but do not forget why we make this decision: By stopping adoptions, we protect children and their biological parents, says Minister of Justice Sander Dekker.

”Shock waves through the industry”

The inquiry should make the adoption issue highly topical in Sweden as well, says researcher Tobias Hübinette. Sweden has more adoptees than the Netherlands, and it has adopted from the same countries. – This is the most accurate investigation done from a European perspective, and it has sent shockwaves throughout the whole Western adoption industry, says Hübinette to SVT News.

Swedish cases are being investigated in Chile A report on the Swedish adoption activities has recently been released, but it does not have the same focus on corruption as the Dutch report, says Hübinette.

An investigation into illegal adoptions has been underway in Chile for several years. More than 600 cases are being investigated, of which 89 are Swedish.

But in Sweden there are still no plans to start an investigation into corruption. Minister of Social Affairs Lena Hallengren (S) has previously said that the government wants to wait for the results of the Chilean report to be able to assess how to take the adoption issue further.”